Elite Screens Yard Master 2, Cluster Outdoor Projector

2 Cluster Outdoor Projector

2 Cluster Outdoor Projector – Elite Screens Yard Master 2

Tired of ordinary laser projectors with boring patterns? Experience something new and improved! This projector light projects 12 different scene patterns that are perfect for Christmas and holiday events. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, weather resistant, with a remote that controls timing, LED effect, various color options, is long-lasting, energy-saving and durable. It’s perfect for long time parties and all types of events. It’s easy to set and use, with vibrant red and green light. It also projects beautiful patterns on the walls, dance floor and anywhere you like. Creating a great and fun atmosphere for parties, events, Christmas, and holiday events.

It is weather resistant and comes with a flexible stem, mounting base and a sturdy ground stake that makes it easy to adjust and set up. It’s perfect for all types of events. With 12 different patterns, you can never get bored, your kids and family are going to love the creativity. It projects snowflakes, Christmas tree, Santa Claus and many other different patterns that will make you admire this product. It is great for outdoor decorations for Christmas and with the weatherproof quality, you don’t have to worry about the weather just set it up and enjoy. It is everything you are looking for a perfect product for perfect Christmas decorations. It has twelve different patterns make it unique. Like other products that are harmful to both humans and the environment, this is safe, and FDA approved. This projector is perfect for Christmas, holiday events and parties. If you are looking for a perfect light projector, then this is certainly what you require!

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