The Best Christmas Lights 2019 Review

christmas projectorsDuring Christmas, the most important thing that everyone is worried about being perfect is the Christmas lights. Trying to pick the best and most suitable lights for Christmas decorations is a hard choice and it takes hours or sometimes days to find the perfect lights. Lights are the utmost and most important decoration for Christmas for decorating outdoors as well as indoors. The most frustrating thing during Christmas is being not able to find stunning lights, but worry no more as we have some of the perfect lights that are best and great for decorating your home during Christmas. Now, you don’t have to spend hours on searching perfect Christmas light because these lights are exactly what you need to decorate your home this Christmas, with great quality, colors and features that are not only for Christmas but other festivals and holiday events too. Here is a list of some of the best Christmas lights.

ZOIC 500 LED String Christmas Lights

These lights are an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor decorations. They can be used outdoors without a problem as they are waterproof, these lights have a really long length of 100 meters and are ideal for decorating large areas. These 500 LEDs are very energy efficient when it comes to power saving these only use 6 watts of power. These lights are best for Christmas as well as other types of decorations like weddings, parties and holiday festivals. They are easy to use as they require only plug and play. They come with a lot of great features that make them perfect for Christmas, these lights are suitable for decorating the walls or hanging them anywhere you want. Their lovely warm white color goes perfectly well with the rest of the Christmas decorations and gives your Christmas tree a new look. These lights are just what you need during the Christmas season.


Energy Saving 

Lights that have more than 100 LEDs take a lot of power and have a great impact on electric bills but you don’t have to worry about that if you are buying these strings lights. These lights only use 6 watts and save big on your electric bills.

Different Modes

These lights give you 8 different modes from which you can choose according to your mood and occasion. These modes contain sequential, combination, in waves, slogs, slow fade, chasing/flash, twinkle/flash, and steady on, you can choose these options with a controller easily.


If you are worried about the weather when buying these lights, then here is a piece of good news for you. They are waterproof and they are protected by silica gel irrigation. These can be used outdoors without a problem and work perfectly even in rain.


Thin Wires

Theses lights have thin wires and can easily break. You need to be careful while handling and hanging them, make sure they don’t get caught on sharp edges.

Not Waterproof Plug And Controller

Although the lights are waterproof the plug and controllers are not. You need to be careful and make sure that the plug and the controller don’t get wet and are kept in a dry place, if it does get wet, then the whole set-up will stop working.


These lights have a big length and are perfect for decorating large Christmas trees or outdoor decorations. They are easy to use, with 8 different settings and a great memory feature that allows the light to start from where they were left when unplugged, so you don’t have to set the settings again. These lights are durable, long-lasting and energy-efficient. They are perfect for Christmas and other special occasion decorations as well.

100 LED Globe String Lights

If you are looking for the best indoor lights, SpiritUp globe lights are the best pick for your decoration. These are ideal for indoor decorations such as a Christmas tree or other decorations. These are not only the best choice for Christmas but also for other occasions. They are powered by a USB plug and can be used with a power bank which makes them portable and easy to use. They are energy efficient and use only 5 volts. They are 12 meters in length and can easily cover a lot of areas. They can be used for a bedroom or living room decoration as well. They are easy to set up and use too.


Energy Saving

These globe lights are energy-efficient and use very little energy as compared to other LED string and bulb lights. The whole set of 100 globe lights only use up to 5 volts.

USB Plug

The SpiritUp globe lights have a USB powered plug that makes them very easy to use, portable and unique. Hanging other lights is hard and hours of struggle with the cable to plug them outside is required if there is no plug outlet, but these globes can be lit up by just a power bank as well.

Warm Color

These globe lights have a lovely warm glow which makes them very pleasing to the eyes. They look beautiful with every type of decoration.


Don’t Have an Adapter

These are powered by USB and need an adapter but this set doesn’t come with an adapter, so if you don’t have an adapter then you need to buy one. An adapter or a power bank is needed to light these up.


The SpiritUp globe lights are very easy to use and are powered by USB that makes them portable. A single set covers a larger area. These lights have a warm glow that makes them ideal for indoor decorations. They are very energy efficient, long lasting and durable. These lights are great for Christmas decorations. These are great for all types of decorations and a great choice for the Christmas season.

Noma/Inliten 300-Count Multicolor Christmas Lights

These lights are perfect for decorating Christmas trees and other Christmas decorations. These lights are easy to set up and use. They have the perfect color that is very suitable for the Christmas theme, as the colors include red, green, blue, pink and yellow. You can decorate your front door, Christmas trees with them beautifully. If you have a small Christmas tree then one set of these lights can easily cover it but if you have a big Christmas tree or a large place to decorate, then you can connect up to 2 more sets together and also there are no safety issues.

These lights can be used for both indoor and outdoor decorations and are the best and are a really affordable choice too. 


Different Colors

These lights are multi-color and a perfect choice for colorful decorations. These have red, green, blue, pink and yellow colors which are perfect colors for the holiday season.

Outdoor Use

These lights can be used as outside decorations as you can hang them on tree branches or small Christmas trees outdoors. They are perfect for indoor as well as outdoor decorations.

Easily Untangle

Unlike other lights that take hours to untangle and set up, you can easily untangle these lights without a problem.


Bulbs Burning Out

The issue with these lights is that the bulbs can burn out after a couple of month’s usage. But need not to worry, the burn out bulbs can be replaced easily.

Non Flexible Wires

The wires are rather a little hard and non-flexible.

Not Waterproof Plug

The lights can be used outdoors without a problem but make sure that the plug is kept in a dry place as it is not waterproof. If it gets wet the whole set of light will be useless.


These lights are your go when it comes to Christmas decorations. These lights can easily cover up a small Christmas tree without a problem and even a big one if you connect 3 sets together. They can be used outdoors as well as indoors. They come in five different colors that are perfect for the holiday season. These lights use very little energy and are very durable. They are easy to untangle, use and set up. These lights are a great decoration choice for Christmas.

The MZD8391 200-LEDs 66-Feet Stay-On Christmas Lights

These are the best Christmas lights that money can buy. They are waterproof which makes them great for indoors and outdoors use, you don’t have to worry about the weather anymore. These are an amazing choice for Christmas decorations. You can use them to decorate your Christmas tree and other decorations. They have a warm pleasing warm glow that goes perfectly well with Christmas decorations. They are 20 meters in length and can cover a sizable area.



These lights are waterproof which makes them perfect for outdoor decorations and you don’t have to worry about the weather. The waterproof ranking of these lights is IP44.

Easily Untangles

The design of these lights makes them easy to untangle as compared to other lights.


Not waterproof plug

The lights are waterproof but the plug is not. The plug can be damaged if it gets wet. You need to be careful about plugging them outside.


These lights are a great choice if you are planning on placing them outside, they are waterproof and you don’t have to worry about the weather. These lights are a perfect choice for Christmas decorations, both indoors and outdoors. The only thing you need to be careful about is making sure the pug doesn’t get wet or it can cause damage otherwise. These lights can cover a sizable area. These are suitable for all types of decorations. They are easy to untangle and set up. If you are looking for the best lights to put out this Christmas, then these are exactly what you need!

Noma/Inliten 300-Count Clear Christmas Lights

If you prefer simple lights over colorful lights then these lights are just for you. Simple white lights that are a great choice for decorating Christmas trees or other Christmas decorations, they look simple, classic and stunning when put on. They are easy to set up, use, durable and easy to untangle. You can connect 3 sets of 100 lights together and there is no safety issue when you connect them together, they are safe if connected together and used. They are durable and the green wire which blends perfectly with Christmas trees and wreaths. If you want to decorate your outdoors with these lights and you are worried about the weather, then don’t because these lights where they are very durable, they are also waterproof. They have a very bright glow. They are not only for Christmas decorations but can be used for other festival decorations. As they are white in color they go perfectly with every style of decoration. These lights are very suitable for Christmas and just what you need.


Easy To Use And Safe

These lights are very easy to use and set up. They are very suitable Christmas decorations. Just plug them in and watch them light up.  They are safe to use even if you connect 3 sets together. They work excellently without a problem or safety issues.


These lights can be used as outdoor decorations without the worry of the weather. They work in rain, snow and even in sunlight without a problem or an issue. They remain unaffected by the weather conditions.

Green Wire

These lights have green wires which makes them blend perfectly with the tree branches or wreaths without a problem. They can be used to decorate a Christmas tree or wreath decoration and they will blend with the green color of the tree or wreath perfectly.

Bright Light

These lights have a very strong glow. They will shine brightly even in already lit rooms without a problem. You don’t have to worry about the glow of these lights.


Not Waterproof Plug

Even though the lights are waterproof but the plug is not. You need to be careful when setting them outside. Keep the plugin a dry place and make sure that no moisture or water goes inside the plug or otherwise the whole set will stop working.

Yellow Light

The lights won’t completely reflect white but a light yellow to depending on the placement of the lights.


Noma/Inliten 300-Count Clear Christmas Lights are a good choice for Christmas decorations but they are perfect if you want to decorate your Christmas tree or wreath because of the green wire blends with them perfectly. These lights can be used outside without worrying about the weather, they work perfectly in snow and rain but there is a small issue that is the plug is not waterproof so keep it in a dry place if you are using them for outdoor decorations. These lights are very durable, easy to use and safe, if you want to cover a large area, you can connect 3 sets together without a problem. These lights have a bright glow and they glow brightly in a much light up a room. These lights are a faultless choice for Christmas decorations.


Choosing perfect Christmas lights is hard to choose as there are a lot of options in the market. Christmas lights come in all shapes, sizes, types, and colors and selecting the best can be a very hard decision. Christmas is all about decorations and lights. To bring out your creativity, Christmas is the best time, you can do different types of decorations with lights but you also need to find the best that goes with your plane. It takes a lot of time to search for Christmas lights and it can be really frustrating but the list above are the best Christmas lights you can buy with money. They are long-lasting, energy-efficient and cover a large area that is what you need for Christmas. You can hang them outsides on tree branches or wrap them around the bushes or you can decorate your Christmas tree with these lights perfectly. They are safe and can be used outdoors with no worrying about the weather. These lights give you a lot of different ideas to decorate as they have a long length and beautiful colors that are very pleasing to look at. You can pick the best and suitable lights from this list. They are absolutely the right pick for Christmas decorations with amazing quality and great features. They are light on your electric bill and use very little energy. You have come to the right place if you want the best and perfect Christmas lights. Everything you are looking for is right here!

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